Conference Planning

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In planning the agenda for your conference or team building day in Melbourne or Brisbane, it’s important to recognise that people need variety to keep them interested, engaged and contributing to proceedings. Sitting for too long in the one mode will not give you maximum return! A well designed agenda builds in a variety of learning modes – indoor presentations & workshops using a range of A/V plus a variety of outdoor experiences that re-energise delegates and are themed to complement your conference agenda.

Conference Planning Assistance

When you’ve invested considerable time and money to organise your conference, it is important that sessions are well designed and facilitated so that people are motivated and fully engaged.

We can take the hassle out of agenda design and facilitation by providing conference planning and facilitation services. Not only can we ensure the smooth running and professional conduct of your next conference, but we can also help ‘micro plan’ your sessions to achieve optimal outcomes.

Services include:

  • Venue search and liaison (in Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere across Australia)
  • Agenda design ‘micro-planning’
  • Facilitation skills (small and large groups, session break-outs,
  • Presentations
  • Session time management
  • Energy management and revitalising

To help with your conference we’ve developed a conference planning checklist.

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How Team Building Activities Add to the Conference Itinerary

Team building, teamwork, and leadership development workshops are an integral part of conference itineraries. Well planned in advance, these workshops can be tailored to address key criteria covered in a conference, and reinforce desired company outcomes.

Set key criteria, as outlined by the conference organiser, can be emphasised and reinforced in a number of ways by incorporating the services of training facilitators:

  • Bring team members together in an outdoor physical activity to experience in action the team imperatives raised in conference discussion.
  • Have teams break out to indoor discussion and planned leadership workshops to assist staff members to understand their team, their leadership role and how to apply what they learn to corporate goals.

Conversely, an evening team event in Melbourne or Brisbane can assist with the more social interaction between team members, allowing individuals to encounter each other in a social environment with creative and engaging team building activities. Additionally the event can provide some light relief to an otherwise serious and sometimes very full business conferencing schedule.