Conference Breakout Activities

Start the day off with some simple conference breakout activities. Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training has devised some warm up activities that are designed to ease people in to the team building frame of mind. Our kick-off sessions help everyone to get to know each other, while our energiser activities keep momentum high throughout your conference!

Explore the many conference breakout activities available in Melbourne and Brisbane with Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training


Conference Kick-Of Sessions

(30-45 mins)

If your conference is one of those rare events when everyone gets together e.g. annual sales conference, then an introductory “Conference Kick-Off Session” can be a particularly great way to start. Our kick off activities can help to break the ice and get people interacting and having fun. This will enhance syndicate work and relationship building throughout the conference.


Kick off activities can include:

  • The Name Game – know everyone’s name without a name tag? We promise you’ll remember 100% of names in 15 minutes with this fun warm up activity!
  • Mission Ball
  • Have You Ever?
  • The Last Detail
  • Many more…

Our kick off sessions are just one of the conference breakout activity options we offer at Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training in Brisbane or Melbourne. Enquire today.

Energiser Sessions

(30-60 mins)

High fun, indoor & outdoor activities interspersed throughout the conference will keep people on their toes and fired up for the next session!


Our Energiser Sessions include such activities as:

  • Fortune or Bust
  • Cyberhoop
  • Hand Cuffs
  • Flight Path
  • Pick ‘n’ Choose
  • Helium Stick
  • Speed Ball
  • African Drumming
  • Ridgee Didge

For information on these and the other conference breakout activities available, get in touch with Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training in Melbourne or Brisbane today.