Competitive Challenges

As businesses operate in an increasingly competitive environments, it is critical that all employees develop the resolve and tactical skills to outperform the competition.

Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training has developed a set of challenges that are designed to develop strategic thinking, persistence and teamwork as the tools to achieve market leadership. These activities include:

  • Amazing Race
  • Survivor
  • Executive Marbles
  • Floating Fortunes
  • Mini Olympics


Created specifically for team building days and seminars or conferences, our competitive challenges will help groups build a more productive and innovative workplace or organisation. For more information, get in touch with Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training today.




Teams are challenged with a variety of exciting tasks accumulating points as they go! Challenges are coded as physical, mental or a mixture and there are up to 15 challenges to choose from. You can further enhance the “survivor” atmosphere with flags, bandanas, face paint, chants and music to up the ante!

Throughout Brisbane and Melbourne, businesses and organisations are enjoying the benefits of Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training’s competitive challenges, like Survivor.

10 - 30
60 - 180 mins
Thinking beyond the obvious

Amazing Race

Armed with a digital camera and map, use your wit and team skills to achieve the highest point score! Teams travel through the local area in search of clues, checkpoints and further information, not to mention the activity roadblocks encountered along the way. A huge amount of fun, light exercise and building relationships within each team!


60 to 180 mins
Fires up competitive teams
Pooling strengths
Low level physical fun

Executive Marbles

Executive Marbles is a tactical thinking activity that combines elements of golf and croquet. It requires constant evaluation of opportunities and monitoring of what the competition is up to! Teams that take the time develop and revaluate a range of strategies inevitably win the game.


8 - 32+
45 - 60 mins
Strategic thinking
Competitive edge

Floating Fortunes

Teams break through a series of fun challenges earning dollars to start their project. Design and build a raft ready to WOW the market. There are many market opportunities but how well will your team raft stand up to the pressures in this business environment.


8 - 40+
2 - 4 hrs
Problem solving
Project planning
Strategic thinking

Mini Olympics

Teams perform a variety of point scoring tasks offering both mental and physical challenge. Select from up to fifteen activities and bring your competitive spirit.


10 - 250
1 - 3 hrs
Fun interactive competition
Building relationships
Break from indoor sessions