High Ropes Course

Ever wondered what it would be like to stand on a 30 cm wide platform, 15 metres above the ground and leap head first into space? Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training provides challenging high ropes courses for employees in Melbourne and Brisbane. The element of height presents an opportunity to set and meet a personal challenge by stretching the ‘comfort zone’. Whilst it is very much a personal experience when up on the cables, support and encouragement from the rest of the team play a big part in helping others overcome a perceived barrier.

Trust and support play a big part in this experience!
If your team works in a demanding business environment where challenging the status-quo is critical for success, then the high & low ropes is for you!

To enjoy the thrill and the challenge of our High Ropes Course, or any of our team adventure activities in Melbourne or Brisbane, contact Corporate Team Solutions & Outdoor Training on 1800 649 883.

120 to 180 mins
Give and receive encouragement
Stretch comfort zones
Trust team members